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Kawasaki Front Brake Reservoir Cap RES-0001


Our Price:  £20.99
(Inc. 20% VAT)(£17.49 Exc. VAT)


Kawasaki billet reservoir cap by Oberon Performance. CNC machined for a quality finish and perfect fitting to the original reservoir unit. Colour anodised in all of Oberon's traditional colours.

These caps are not just direct replacements. Because of their anodise finish, they are no longer susceptible to corrosion that can occur from the paint being chipped or cracked. A worthy addition in any case resulting in striking looks in otherwise dull areas.

AlloyAluminium 6000 series
Available ColoursBlack Blue Gold Red Silver Titanium
Pack Quantity1
Kawasaki, KR-1(S), 1988-1992
Kawasaki, NINJA 1000SX, 2020-2022
Kawasaki, NINJA 1000SX Performance, 2021-2022
Kawasaki, NINJA 1000SX Performance Tourer, 2021-2022
Kawasaki, NINJA 1000SX Tourer, 2021-2022
Kawasaki, Versys 1000, 2019-2020
Kawasaki, Versys 1000 Grand Tourer, 2019-2020
Kawasaki, Versys 1000 S, 2021-2022
Kawasaki, Versys 1000 S Grand Tourer, 2021-2022
Kawasaki, Versys 1000 S Tourer, 2021-2022
Kawasaki, Versys 1000 SE, 2021-2022
Kawasaki, Versys 1000 SE Grand Tourer, 2021-2022
Kawasaki, Versys 1000 SE Tourer, 2021-2022
Kawasaki, Versys 1000 Tourer, 2019-2020
Kawasaki, Z H2, 2020-2022
Kawasaki, Z H2 Performance, 2021-2022
Kawasaki, Z1000, 2007-2009
Kawasaki, Z1000SX, 2011-2019
Kawasaki, Z750, 2007-2013
Kawasaki, Z900RS, 2018-2022
Kawasaki, Z900RS CAFÉ, 2019-2020
Kawasaki, Z900RS SE, 2022-2022
Kawasaki, ZX-10R, 2004-2020
Kawasaki, ZX-10R SE, 2018-2020
Kawasaki, ZX-14, 2006-2011
Kawasaki, ZX-14R ZZR1400, 2012-2021
Kawasaki, ZX-6R, 1998-2021
Kawasaki, ZX-6RR, 2003-2006
Kawasaki, ZX-7R, 1996-2003
Kawasaki, ZX-7RR, 1996-1997
Kawasaki, ZX-9R, 1998-2003
Kawasaki, ZXR400, 1989-1999
Kawasaki, ZXR750, 1989-1995
Kawasaki, ZXR750R, 1991-1994