Our Story

Designed and Manufactured in England

Originally a sub-contract engineering machine shop, the directors of Oberon Performance knew that the only way to control their destiny was to have their own product line. Being constrained to other businesses for work was a very precarious position to be in. The order book was often extremely low or empty and so we saw a need to drive our own sales and growth. Over the years many, many different ideas were tried, promotional products, auto-helm units for yachts, cooling covers for soda cans etc... even high-end promotional board games - but nothing seemed to gel.

One day in 2000 one of the directors went out and bought himself a brand-new Suzuki 1200 Bandit. Rode it back to the workshop in the rain (it is the UK) and realised upon his return that the (brand new) paper tax disc was totally unreadable due to the rain. A throw away comment of "Why doesn't someone make a waterproof tax disc holder " was all it took. Out came the CAD software and a sheet of 3mm aluminium ordered. Days later we had our first prototype waterproof tax disc holder. An image of which is below.

Quickly we placed an advert in one of the national motorcycle magazines and booked ourselves into the next motorcycle show. Off we went and haven't looked back since. The greatest day for us was when we stopped any form of sub-contract work for other businesses and just concentrated totally on our motorcycle products.

A lot has changed in the last twenty or so years. Technology is really, really starting to have a dramatic impact on motorcycle design. The way bikes are packaged these day's with near zero gaps between engines and frames, their sublime control, power and electronic wizardry is mind blowing. It is the same for us as we have kept up with the pace for manufacturing and software. The current crop of amazing multiaxis cnc mills and lathes have transformed production. What you can do on these machines now is so impressive. The software to drive these machines keeps evolving with new stratergies and solutions. Tooling, 3D scanning and 3D printing, CMM, reverse engineering, stress analysis is so good now we are living in astonishing times.

The team here have so many more new sketches and ideas ready for development that the future looks so promising and exciting. We can't wait to show you over the coming years...