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KTM Clutch Slave Cylinder Mounting Plate CLU-0122


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KTM Clutch Slave Cylinder CLU-0121KTM Clutch Slave Cylinder CLU-0121

Mounting plate for all LC8 KTM Slave Cylinders. This product replaces the standard OEM plastic version. The Billet aluminium version produced by Oberon Performance will improve the mounting of either the original Slave Cylinder or the Oberon replacement KTM Clutch Slave Cylinder. Additionally due to the natural heat dissipation of the alloy used in the plate, a cooler running condition will prevail allowing a better clutch operation and more reliable performance.
Note: You must retain the original spacers from your plastic backing plate and insert them into this mounting plate to complete the assembly.

AlloyAluminium 6000 series
Available ColoursBlack Blue Gold Orange Red Silver Titanium
Pack Quantity1
KTM, ADVENTURE 1050 ABS, 2015-2016
KTM, ADVENTURE 1090, 2016-2018
KTM, ADVENTURE 1090L, 2017-2018
KTM, ADVENTURE 1090R, 2017-2018
KTM, ADVENTURE 1190 ABS, 2013-2016
KTM, ADVENTURE 950, 2003-2005
KTM, ADVENTURE 950S, 2003-2005
KTM, ADVENTURE 990, 2006-2012
KTM, ADVENTURE 990R, 2009-2012
KTM, ADVENTURE 990S, 2006-2008
KTM, RC8 1190, 2007-2010
KTM, RC8 1190R, 2009-2015
KTM, RC8 1190R TRACK, 2011-2012
KTM, SUPER ADVENTURE 1290, 2015-2018
KTM, SUPER ADVENTURE 1290R, 2017-2021
KTM, SUPER ADVENTURE 1290S, 2019-2021
KTM, SUPER ADVENTURE 1290T, 2017-2017
KTM, SUPER DUKE 1290 GT, 2016-2022
KTM, SUPER DUKE 1290R, 2014-2022
KTM, SUPER DUKE 1290R EVO, 2022-2022
KTM, SUPER DUKE 1290RR, 2021-2021
KTM, SUPER DUKE 990, 2004-2011
KTM, SUPER DUKE 990R, 2007-2013
KTM, SUPER ENDURO 950R, 2006-2008
KTM, SUPERMOTO 950, 2005-2007
KTM, SUPERMOTO 950R, 2007-2008
KTM, SUPERMOTO 990, 2008-2009
KTM, SUPERMOTO 990R, 2009-2013
KTM, SUPERMOTO 990T, 2009-2013