Ducati Clutch Slave CylinderDucati Clutch Slave Cylinder
Replacement DUCATI CLUTCH SLAVE CYLINDER fits all models with external Ducati Clutch Slave Cylinders. This is a very well engineered and detailed product. Every aspect of this product has been given deep thought and here is one of the many write up given to us;

"You can just see the engineers pouring over the anorak-type details, piston diameter - versus pushrod travel, pushrod travel - versus clutch action and I have spoken to one of the designers, now it was far from boring... but if you really don't want to understand the finer details of making a product like this, I suggest you skip to the last paragraph.

He explained to me in great detail, how each ¼ of a millimetre change to the piston diameter either increased or decreased the distance that would be travelled by the push-rod, this was with a direct relation to the amount of effort required at the clutch lever, therefore making the clutch easier with each small increment of piston diameter increase, now get this!
They had each piston, piston seal and body size actually machined up so they could try the 'feel' of each option!
Settling on the final diameter was, we were told, a lengthy and debatable discussion.
Science prevailed, as the final decision was reached with a team of 4 engineers each trying to operate the clutch lever with just one finger, and the stronger of the four being able to use the clutch of a 1098 with just his little finger. Further checks were performed with a selection of Genuine Ducati Levers and aftermarket versions to check that when the span adjuster was at the minimum, the clutch would still disengage properly for those with slender like hands (i.e. not dinner plates) and allow proper gear selection, 29mm was the sweet spot." All was well, test passed and thank god these beautiful Slave Cylinders went into production. I have not been able to quote the full story, but hopefully a flavour of Oberon's dedication is displayed in these few lines.