BMW K1200-K1300-R-S-GTBMW K1200-K1300-R-S-GT
Oberon has manufactured this slave cylinder for the BMW K1200 and K1300 engines, the main benefits include a lighter but smoother and more progressive feel. The internals of the slave unit has been modified with our specific tolerance which allows a guided progressive feel. Also included are the famous 'Oberon' hydraulic seals (not 'O' Rings) to ensure a long leak free life.
The resulting smooth action gives confidence and reduces rider fatigue; some other units suffer from piston juddering and heaviness at high temperatures. This effect is cured.
Because of Clutch lever design/fitment it is often better to set the lever (BMW OEM) at the short reach which oddly gives more piston travel due to switchgear clearance, please try this on your particular motorcycle to confirm.
We have found this on some models we have tried, although it may not be the case on all years/models.
If you are using aftermarket levers it is very wise to fully check proper clutch disengagement before you proceed. We have found some aftermarket levers which when adjusted to long reach actually offer less engagement than the standard lever at short reach.

Product Code: CLU-1300